The Dunnottar Clinic @ Stonehaven Medical Centre
The Dunnottar Clinic @ Stonehaven Medical Centre

Botox (Anti-wrinkle) injections

Botox treatment reduces the appearance of lines and helps to maintain a more youthful appearance.


At The Dunnottar Clinic these injections are given by our exerienced GPs in the reassuring comfort of a medical surgery.


Botox works by relaxing the muscles which create skin creases and there are now over a million treatments being performed in the UK every year. Why not join with those women and men who have found Botox injections have helped them maintain a youthful appearance?


Botox injections are used to treat 3 main areas - crows feet, horizontal forehead lines and vertical (frown) forehead lines.


Allow our experienced GPs to discuss how Botox injections can help you achieve the look you want. Dr Kris McLaughlin and Dr Stuart Reary have years of experience in delivering high quality results with Botox. By using a carefully measured approach they will ensure that you achieve noticeable yet not overstated improvements in the appearance of lines. After all treatments a follow up will be undertaken to ensure the treatment has had the desired result and a free top up of Botox will be given if required.


Prices for Botox are  £220 (1 treatment area), £245 (2 treatment areas) and £270 (3 treatment areas) 


Botox can also be used to treat excess sweating known as hyperhidrosis. Treatments for this can be very effective when other treatments have not been successful and prices start at £400.  


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