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Private Minor Surgery

Private Minor Surgery treatments are available to improve the cosmetic appearance of skin lesions.


In addition to skin lesions other minor surgical procedures can be undertaken such as joint injection or removal of ingrown toenails.


Treatment can currently only be undertaken after referral from a GP. This additional requirement is to ensure that treatment of the affected area is not available on the NHS. Likewise, if our doctors feel that the treatment should be carried out on the NHS during the consultation then they will refer you back to your own GP.


With greater restraints within the NHS for the treatment of benign but unsightly skin lesions it is important that you feel confident that you are receiving the very best treatment from a private clinic. Our team of experienced GPs have years of experience and training in performing such procedures and will ensure that the most appropriate treatment is offered.


Common conditions that require treatment include


  • moles - many people can find benign moles unsightly and wish to have them removed. These are most commonly removed under local anaesthetic following a small incision. A scar will be present but we endeavour to keep this to a minimum.
  • skin tags - these are very common and can be found on any area of the body. These can be removed under local anaesthetic with a simple surgical procedure but may also respond to a course of cryotherapy (freezing treatment with liquid nitrogen)
  • warts - cryotherapy is available to treat troublesome warts or verrucae
  • others - some other skin blemishes and lesions can be treated such as superficial veins or spider naevi, please contact your own GP to discuss this further.

Procedures are undertaken in our fully equipped treatment room with the assistance of our experienced nursing staff.



Other private minor surgery services


In addition to the treatment of cosmetic skin lesions we are also able to offer additional private minor surgery services for those patients who wish to avoid waiting lists for procedures such as nail surgery and therapeutic steroid injections. Please contact us if you wish to find out more.


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